Komatsu explains Smart Quarry

Nov. 28, 2023
Go from a "doctor visit" to 24-hour care.

Komatsu’s Smart Quarry is designed to assess job site needs and recommend the best fleet to help customers meet current and future production goals. 

Construction Equipment's Frank Raczon recently talked to Komatsu's Craig McGinnis about the company's digital tools to better understand, track, and optimize mobile equipment.

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Smart Quarry advisors aim to understand a quarry’s challenges and goals, and then connect customers with digital solutions to help them get the most out of their equipment and operators. Two key levels are characterized as a doctor visit versus 24-hour care with a constant flow of data:

Smart Quarry Study

  • Komatsu's Smart Quarry experts can analyze a site to help determine the most efficient mobile fleet to meet project targets. Custom reports provide vital details such as machine size, machine configuration, and fleet size.

Smart Quarry Site

  • This brand-agnostic site management tool focuses on fleet production, health and safety. Real-time monitoring via the cloud helps provide an in-depth understanding of production, fuel consumption, idle time, utilization, and operator performance.