Under 40 In Construction: AJ & Alicia Brentzel


Construction Equipment congratulates AJ Brentzel, one of the founders of Brex Enterprises based in Irwin, Pennsylvania. He is an Under 40 in Construction Equipment award winner. Him and his wife Alicia, also a Brex founder, sat down to chat about how Brex came to be, future goals, and tips for young professionals within the industry.

Ten years ago, following the couple's college graduation, AJ began working for a family member doing pipeline maintenance and service work. Eventually, he was running projects from beginning to end, discussing work with land owners and designing things until completion. As time passed he grew tired with traveling, and told his wife Alicia he wanted to start his own company. After this realization, AJ and Alicia began creating the company that would eventually become Brex Enterprises.

Shortly after starting Brex, the company AJ previously worked for asked if he'd be interested in doing another project for them. After telling them he had already started his own business, they company offered to help set Brex up as a pipeline service company. For the first two years, AJ was doing the same type of work he was used to: pipeline. Eventually, the business evolved into expanding projects outside of that wheelhouse. 

"That's how we kind of took off, and started growing pretty significantly from that point on," Alicia said.