[VIDEO] Volvo Adds Electric Demo Site in Eskilstuna

July 12, 2019
olvo CE has invested $1.7 million at its Eskilstuna Electric Site in Sweden.

Volvo CE has invested $1.7 million at its Customer Center in Eskilstuna to build an arena to demonstrate its electric and autonomous machines. The investment also includes a new research and development test track, and an energy-recovery system for the factory.

The company will add 12 hectares to its existing 45 hectare demo ground to test and demonstrate its electric and autonomous machines. According to the company, the arena will enable Volvo to show prototype machines to customers in a realistic, safe environment. The first phase of construction on the demo ground will start in the “near future” according to the company. 

The customer center will now be running fleets on hydro-treated vegetable oils (HVO), an alternative to diesel, to help transition to more fossil-free alternatives. 

Volvo is also investing in an electromobility and automation test track. The track hosts the HX2 electric and autonomous load carriers, which are currently being optimized for a 2019 commercial pilot.

Other developments at the Technology Center include the opening of four new test rigs at the beginning of 2017 and the installation of a 5G mast, allowing Volvo to test remote-controlled machines short response times.

In addition, with Volvo’s focus on reducing energy consumption, the company has invested in an energy recovery system that will conserve around 60 percent of the heat generated in the hardening center and transfer it to paint shop. This is estimated to decrease the factory’s energy consumption by 4 percent. 

Source: Volvo CE