[VIDEO] TxDOT Under Microscope for Hazard Pay

August 5, 2020
Screenshot of the video report.

The Texas DOT spent more than $8 million on hazard pay earlier this year, and a state representative wants to know why, according to a news report by Watch the video here.

The report says state spending on hazard pay is usually limited to law enforcement, and said no other state agencies has implemented the practice for Covid-19.

Some 7,600 workers received raises of $5 per hour as hazard duty payments, the report says. The practice began on March 13 and was ended on June 1, when the state’s reopening plans were announced.

State Representative Matt Schaefer plans to hold hearings on the spending when lawmakers return to the capitol in January, according to the report. He is a member of the House Appropriations Committee.

A Texas DOT spokesperson responded to the report with a prepared statement but declined to be interviewed, according to