[VIDEO] Turning Drywall Waste into Building Blocks

February 14, 2020
Drywall stacked on a work site.

A team of researchers at Washington State University are finding a new solution for wasted drywall on construction sites. According to an article in KXLY, the team created a system that blends up drywall and molds it into the shape of a block for use on building projects. 

The team has also developed a foamed drywall that is more flame-resistant than Styrofoam insulation. According to the article, when the plastic material begins burning, it creates a chimney effect. The foamed drywall takes around two and a half hours to burn through. 

Now that they’ve finalized the product properties, the team says their next step is to talk to construction companies about using the blocks on construction sites. Researchers hope a manufacturer will license their products and start using them to build within the next two years.

Source: KXLY