[VIDEO] Timelapse of Salt Lake City Airport Rebuild

August 22, 2019
Flight times displayed on an airport screen.

Salt Lake City International Airport released a timelapse video showing the construction of its new $3.6 billion replacement facility. The video shows the current condition of the new terminal, concourses, and parking garage, with timelapse segments of continuing work. 

The new airport is designed to avoid current bottlenecks, accommodate growth, add more parking, and add a two-level roadway to separate departures and arrivals. 

According to The Salt Lake Tribune, the airport hired a company to produce vignettes of the construction over time, which will eventually be used in a documentary during the opening of the airport’s first phase in 2020. 

“It’s to help educate the public and passengers about different aspects of the construction,” airport spokeswoman Nancy Volmer told the Salt Lake Tribune.

Source: The Salt Lake Tribune