[VIDEO] Residential Bldg. Faster with Self-Erecting Crane


Potain crane.

Self-erecting tower cranes are changing how contractors build houses from the ground up, according to an article on the Manitowoc website. One of the advantages is using them on plots of land where multiple homes are being built. By placing the crane between homes, contractors increase construction efficiency as they use the crane to move and place materials around the entire construction site, building two or more homes at the same time. Self-erecting cranes can also eliminate the need for other equipment, such as mobile cranes or additional forklifts.

On a recent project, contractor Link Construction placed a Potain Igo MA 21 unit between two homes. The strategic location, and the crane taking up just 13.8 square feet of footprint while reaching 85.3 feet of jib radius, allowed workers to reach the entire jobsite using just one piece of equipment, considerably increasing building efficiency on both builds.

“On these two homes the Igo MA 21 self-erecting crane helped put us ahead of schedule by two and a half to three weeks,” said Patrick Link, owner of Link Construction. “It saves us a lot of time because it’s just so quick and easy to operate. We used it for setting the floors, the walls and the roof trusses, among other tasks.”

A more efficient way to build

The Potain Igo MA 21 self-erecting crane is operated via radio remote control, which allows operators to move around the jobsite and cooperate with subcontractors on different tasks they are working to execute. They can work on the ground side by side subcontractors increasing communication and cooperation.

“Using the crane was very handy. It worked phenomenally after I quickly got a hold of it,” said Joseph Link, crane operator at Link Construction. “With the remote, you don’t have to be sitting in the crane. It just gives you a lot better sense of what you are doing on the job because you can move around and see things for yourself.”

Additionally, working fully from electric motors, the Igo MA 21’s quiet operation is another advantage for residential projects as it minimizes noises and has no emissions that can disturb neighbors.