[VIDEO] NY Gov. Cuomo Outlines $275B Infrastructure Program

January 23, 2020
New York city's skyline.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo outlined a $275 billion infrastructure plan for the state as part of his Fiscal Year 2021 Budget address, News 10 reports. 

According to the article, the plan adds $175 billion to a previously announced $100 billion, adding a total investment of $275 billion. Cuomo called this investment the “largest infrastructure program in the state’s history and the largest in the nation.”

According to News 10, the budget includes funding for:

  • $11.9 billion for a two-year DOT Capital Plan, including $5.8 billion for Upstate roads and bridges

  • A five-year $52 billion capital plan for the MTA

  • $100 million for round 2 of Upstate Airport and Economic Development Initiative

  • $300 million to re imagine the Erie Canal

  • A $20 billion five-year investment in affordable housing, supportive housing and related services

According to the report, Cuomo says the infrastructure projects will support the creation of 450,000 jobs.

Source: News 10