VIDEO: More Women Breaking into Construction

March 1, 2019
Worker on construction site.

More women are beginning to make their mark in the male-dominated construction industry, according to an article on CBS Local New York.

Despite women only making up 4 percent of New York City’s union workforce, organizations are advocating for women in construction, including  “Non-Traditional Employment for Women,” or NEW.

NEW offers a two-month pre-apprenticeship training program for women of NYC, many in which are unemployed or women of color, according to the report.

“Work needs to be done to continue to get the word out to women and young girls that yes, you can do this, this is a career for you,” Kathleen Culhane, president of NEW, told CBS.

Since 2005, 10 percent of union apprenticeships were also set aside for NEW graduates. Now, 15 percent will be set aside, increasing the total number from 150 to about 225, CBS reports.

Tanay Matthews, a worker with New York’s Local 361, told CBS that though she used to work with about 200 men at her last job, her current job has about 30.

“I love it, honestly. It’s tough, it’s physically draining, but every day I wake up and I give it my all,” she told CBS.

Source: CBS New York