[VIDEO]: Man Climbs 290-Foot Crane, Sits for 5 Hours

May 30, 2019
Police light bright against a dark backdrop.

Police talked down a man who climbed to the top of a tower crane in Southeast Portland last Wednesday. The man stayed on the end of the boom for more than five hours, and climbed down on his own shortly after 6 p.m., according to Willamette Week.

Video footage from KATU-TV shows the man on the very end of the boom, nearly 290 feet off the ground.

The climb drew a large police presence to the intersection where the crane stood, but authorities were unable to make contact with the man as he climbed to the top. According to the article, firefighters were also unable to rescue the man, because their equipment would not reach the height of the crane.

Police response teams tried to coax the man down while speaking to him through a loudspeaker. After receiving no response, the team climbed up the crane to reach him. They talked with the man for over two hours until he agreed to climb back down.

Source: Willamette Week