[VIDEO] Group 3D Prints Raw-Earth Material Home


The first TECLA 3D-printed house.
Credit: WASP/Mario Cucinella Architects

Italian 3D-printing company WASP and partner Mario Cucinella Architects have recently finished building the first TECLA 3D-printed house near Bologna, Italy. TECLA (Technology + Clay) is the planet’s eco-sustainable housing model completely crafted from locally sourced, raw earth materials. 

To achieve these minimalist buildings, the construction process begins with digging and a mixing stage where regional soil is blended with water and special additives. Engineers analyze all terrain samples before moving on to the printing phase of the external house structure. Then, synchronized printer arms coordinate their construction stage in a smooth dance of machinery. Each printer has the ability to print an area of 538 square feet. 

Each domed TECLA design features thermo-insulation, ventilation, and water collection inside the structure. Final designs can be chosen to balance thermal mass, insulation, and ventilation.

This TECLA home measures roughly 646 square feet and offers an open living room with kitchen, and bedroom nook that adds a small bathroom and wardrobe storage.