[VIDEO] Female Crew Aids in Hurricane Rebuild

September 10, 2020
Woman on site.

Pink Belts Construction, an all-female crew, has gone from Alberta, Canada, to Southwest Louisiana to help with disaster cleanup and rebuild following Hurricane Laura. 

Robyn Garton, President of Pink Belts Construction, says her crew specializes in roofing. Her goal is to help Louisiana with her team, while also searching for female volunteers to help in the rebuilding efforts.

"That’s my trade. I deal with insulation, remediation, drying out, tear down, you name it,” she says. 

According to KPLC News, the team will also assist homeowners in filing insurance claims, and has partnered with local businesses to help with the rebuild. 

“We’re looking for the females here in the Louisiana area, wherever that they want to come from, please contact me because we’re going to need you. We’re going to make a difference in Louisiana,” she says. 

Pink Belts Roofing is a locally owned and operated roofing and construction company, serving customers in Canada.