[VIDEO] Dutch Co. Develops Electric Roller

May 18, 2020

The Dutch road construction company BAM Infra has built the world’s first electrically powered roller. The roller is currently working on a project for the municipality of Almere in the Netherlands this week. By using zero-emissions, BAM aims to contribute to its own climate targets and those of its clients.

BAM's roller does not emit any CO2 or nitrogen. It is a lot quieter than current rollers as well, according to Innovation Origins. Whereas it tends to be tricky to electrify heavy equipment, a roller is better suited to do this, according to the article. It does not have to hoist heavy loads or constantly move soil from one place to another—all it needs is the energy to drive and steer. 

This roller cuts down on 48 tons of CO2, according to the article. It saves two gallons of fuel per hour compared to the original diesel engine in the same chassis, or over 18 gallons per day. The company also reduces Co2 emissions by around 520 pounds per day, or more than 92,594 pounds on an annual basis. 

The roller can be deployed for eight hours on fully charged batteries, allowing BAM to use the roller on a daily basis. 

There is a growing demand for sustainable solutions. That’s why it won’t be limited to this electric roller. “We are aiming to have an emission-free asphalt layer in the long term. Hydrogen, for example, is another conceivable solution for heavier equipment,” the company states.