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[VIDEO] Bridge Collapses, Sends Oil Tanker Truck into Water


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Police light bright against a dark backdrop.

An arch bridge over a bay in eastern Taiwan collapsed on Tuesday, causing an oil tanker to fall onto boats in the water below. The video shows the truck driving across the nearly 500-foot-long bridge, and can be seen nearly reaching the end when the structure gives way. 

An air force helicopter and more than 60 military personnel were searching for possible victims. According to CBS, six people were believed to be trapped on one of the boats, and five people were “feared to be” on the bridge when it collapsed. Another 10 people were sent to hospitals, six of them with serious injuries.

The collapse occurred around 9:30 a.m. in a Pacific coast fishing village, Nanfangao. The incident occurred hours after a typhoon swept across parts of the island.

Source: CBS / NPR / “Taiwan is Moving” on Youtube

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