[VIDEO] 3D Printing Co. Focuses on Concrete Use

September 18, 2020
3D printed concrete.

Vertico, a young Dutch company specializing in robotic concrete 3D printing, is expanding its footprint with the opening of a new 3D printing facility in Eindhoven. According to 3D Printing Media, Vertico will utilize its technology and new facility to pursue architectural applications, such as fine detailing for buildings. 

The new factory will house three ABB-branded industrial robots, each with a different configuration. One of the robots, for example, is set on a seven-meter track and can print objects as wide as about 32 feet. The industrial robotic platforms are fitted with a deposition head capable of extruding a special concrete mixture to build up structures with complex forms and shapes, according to the article. 

The facility will handle on-demand printing, though Vertico also sells its concrete 3D printing solution. The firm has also developed its own printable concrete mixture in a collaboration with De Huizenprinters consortium.

Source: 3D Printing Media