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Vermeer HG4000TX Horizontal Grinder

Operator safety is key with Vermeer's HG4000TX horizontal grinder.

December 01, 2008


Vermeer HG4000TX horizontal grinder

Operator safety is key with Vermeer's HG4000TX horizontal grinder. SmartGrind feature includes a controller that constantly monitors engine rpm and material feed rates. If difficult material causes engine rpm to drop below an efficient operating range, the system stops and reverses material until rpm is restored. Also, a Thrown Object Deflector reduces the distance and quantity of thrown material debris and is positioned to reduce interference when loading over-length material. Duplex drum cutting system features reversible hammers and cutter blocks to nearly double the life of single-sided designs, according to Vermeer. The grinder is fully self-propelled, and the operator can maneuver it via remote control. Tracks provide flotation and allow access to remote jobsites. Estimated list price: $420,000 to $490,000.

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