Vermeer D60x90 Navigator Horizontal Directional Drill

October 12, 2011

D60x90 Navigator horizontal directional drill is powered by a Deere Tier 4-I 185-horsepower engine, supplying 9,000 ft.-lb. of rotational torque and 60,000 pounds of thrust/pullback. The D60X90 offers a choice of 10-foot configurations of 2.875-inch diameter Firestick drill rods to minimize the operational footprint, or maximize onboard drill rod carrying capacity with 15-foot rod lengths at 2.875-inch diameter. Vermeer says a 3.5-inch rod option will be available soon. The quick-change rod box reduces the need to manually load drill rod. Climate-controlled cab and front-mounted stakedown system that can reduce drill set up time are options. The multifunction steering system improves drilling accuracy in hard ground conditions.