Vermeer D23x30DR S3 Horizontal Directional Drill


Underground Construction

Vermeer D23x30DR S3 Navigator drill has thrust/pullback of 24,000 pounds.

The Vermeer D23x30DR S3 horizontal directional drill has an operating weight of 16,500 pounds and thrust/pullback of 24,000 pounds. Firestick dual-rod technology allows 7-percent downhole steerability and drilling in rock and in other underground construction.

The horizontal direction drill’s threaded outer rod has a rotational torque of 3,000 lb.-ft., and the hex inner rod delivers up to 800 lb.-ft. The RH10 drill head provides responsive downhole steering with a two-degree bend located in its forward section. It can be fitted with a 5.5-inch tricone bit or polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) bit that is greaseable and can be rebuilt in the field. A tool-less PG5 quick pullback grapple mounted over the top of the RH10 drill head and tricone bit helps reduce the need to remove the drill head after the pilot bore when installing small-diameter pipes.

Carriage speed is175 fpm and rotational speed is 200 rpm.