Vermeer D100x140 Navigator HDD

October 12, 2011

D100x140 Navigator HDD replaces the 100X120 and is designed for water, sewer and gas pipeline applications. A Cat 275-horsepower engine produces 100,000 pounds of thrust/pullback force and is rated at a maximum of 14,000 ft.-lb. of rotational torque or maximum rotational speeds up to 200 rpm. The unit offers a 15-foot Firestic drill rod option for smaller jobsites or 20-foot Firestick drill rods for carrying maximum onboard rod footage. Stackable rod boxes with a single pin design and auto-lock feature allows additional rods to load from an upper rod box. The optional onboard knuckle boom crane with a 420 degree rotation provides can add additional rod boxes, reducing the need for additional support equipment on the jobsite. The steel-tracked D100x140 features two color displays positioned near the drill operator’s line of sight down the bore path for the integrated multifunction display locator remote and machine performance data such as rotational speed and torque, thrust/pullback pressure, drilling fluid pump pressure and diagnostics. The larger, standard climate-controlled cab features improved drilling operation visibility and a pivoting swing-out door provides access to hydraulic components for easy maintenance.