September 28, 2010

Vermeer XTS1250 TrencherTo enhance plowing performance in muddy, loose or hard-pan soil conditions, Vermeer has introduced a steel-track version of its 120-horsepower quad-track utility trencher tractor. Differential locks allow the operator to provide full power to all four steel tracks of the Vermeer XTS1250. Other ground-drive features such as axle oscillation and front, rear and crab steering are also functional with the “aggressive” steel quad-track system, which already benefits from the quad-track system’s relatively no “breakover” point. With the push of a button, the optional auto-center steering feature allows operators to self-center the rear track assemblies with ease, enhancing productivity and enabling the machine to work in confined spaces. The XTS1250 is capable of pulling plow blades up to 42 inches and is equipped with a 5,000-pound-capacity reel carrier.