Staff | September 28, 2010

Vermeer MX240 modular mixing system The Vermeer MX240 modular mixing system is designed to allow fast, high-volume mixing of drilling fluids used for horizontal directional drilling (HDD). The new mixer can support either a 750- or 1,000-gallon tank and is powered by either a 25-horsepower Kohler gasoline engine or a 22-horsepower Hatz diesel engine. The system’s primary components include the power pack, a 3-inch centrifugal pump and a venturi-type mixing hopper for injecting additives. If the hopper is used, its cone-shaped lower end prevents additives from collecting at the bottom. But a new venturi design, says Vermeer, features a direct-injection hose, which allows injecting liquid drilling additives directly into the tank through the venture without using the hopper.