Staff | September 28, 2010

Vermeer Rock-Adaptable Terrain Tool (R.A.T.T.) The Vermeer Rock-Adaptable Terrain Tool (R.A.T.T.) is designed to drill and steer through most soil conditions — from soft soil and gravel to cobblestone and solid rock. The new drill head was designed for Vermeer Navigator HDD models from the D18x22 to D36x50 Series II. A single-rod setup for pilot bores, says Vermeer, means no need to change tools as the conditions change. The R.A.T.T. is 70 inches long (including transmitter housing, bent-sub, bearing housing and drill bit), can be used with various Vermeer HDD connections, can be used with conventional walk-over navigation systems, and steers via a patented oscillating motion of the drill string.