Vehicle Tracking Software

Staff | September 28, 2010

Navman Wireless North America offers Online AVL2, a vehicle tracking and logistics software. A successor to the company's Online AVL1 that provides fleet managers with the vehicle position and activity details needed to effectively manage a mobile workforce, and a key component of the complete Navman Wireless solution, Online AVL2 integrates innovative new ways for businesses to view the location of their assets, and more accurately address issues for their drivers and customers.

Providing fleet managers with a more photo-realistic view of their drivers' actual surroundings, the software harnesses the power of high-resolution satellite imagery and high aerial photography. In addition to traditional street-level mapping views, the software now supports several hybrid mapping display options with views including street level mapping, top down satellite imagery with street and street name overlay, or satellite imagery only. Each option accurately displays the position of assets according to their current GPS location, and provides a clearer picture of roadways, structures and parking areas, to name a few, in relation to the vehicle. An intuitive popup window allows fleet managers to zoom in on a vehicle for greater detail without losing the rest of the surrounding map.

Complementing the software's powerful new visual enhancements, additional features of OnlineAVL2 include unlimited two-way messaging to one, some or all vehicles from an office desktop; fully integrated navigation functionality for drivers; comprehensive real-time and historical vehicle/driver activity reporting; Driver ID technology for differentiating individual activity with shared assets; and programmable alerts for vehicle speed, idle time, unauthorized movement and security breech, polygonal geofence functionality for defining driver territories.