Vegas Underground Tunnel to Extend to Resort Corridor

June 4, 2020
Las Vegas at night.

As construction on The Boring Co.’s Las Vegas Convention Center underground people-mover project continues, eyes are already set on digging farther to the resort corridor. Elon Musk’s transportation model may now extend from the convention center to serve Wynn Resorts’ Encore property and Resorts World on the north end of the strip. 

Wynn spokeswoman Deanna Pettit-Irestone confirmed that the rest of property is in talks with The Boring Co. about the potential tunnel project. It will be discussed at next week’s Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority meeting.

The potential tunnel alignment will run from near the parking lot in front of the Central Hall of the convention center, across the Desert Inn and Paradise roads intersection, underneath a portion of Wynn’s golf course, and ending up on the north side of Encore, just east of Las Vegas Boulevard. A second station and tunnel extension would be added to Resorts World.

When the project is complete, passengers will be transported via all-electric vehicles on Tesla auto chassis in self-driving mode. Maximum capacity for the vehicles will be 16 people. It will take less than two minutes to move passengers from one end of the convention center to the other. 

Source: Safety & Health