Vacuworx Moves to Hydraulic Power, Eliminating Diesel

February 4, 2016
Vacuworx Moves to Hydraulic Power, Eliminating Diesel

The H models of vacuum lifting systems from Vacuworx are hydraulically powered, enabling the material-handling devices to function more like attachments. With these models, Vacuworx moves from on-board diesel power to a system that connects directly to the host machine’s hydraulic system.

Hydraulic power reduces noise and emissions, and also frees up weight on the attachment that allows it to lift more and reach farther. Eliminating the diesel power also reduces the associated fuel costs, as well as reduces the number of moving parts in the attachments, the company says. Hydraulic operation also provides better start up performance in cold weather.

The first units with hydraulic power are the MC 5 and all 4 models in the RC Series. The units attach directly to the boom of a host machine with a dedicated auxiliary hammer circuit, the company says, and can be used with or without a coupler system. The MC 5H is designed for smaller host machines, and has a lift capacity of 11,000 pounds. The four models in the RC Series provide a range of lifting capacities from 22,000 to 44,000 pounds.

The attachments feature wireless remote operation from the cab of the host machine. Rotation capability of 360 degrees allows the operator to position materials without tag line operators on the ground, which reduces the change of injury to workers around the material being placed, the company says.

HL Series barrier lift

Conversion to hydraulic power has also allowed the company to introduce a new barrier lift system, the HL Series. The barrier lifters connect and work with the host machine’s hydraulic system.

Elastomer grips provide full surface contact on the barrier without damaging materials, the companys says. A hydraulic lock prevents the loss of the load if hydraulic pressure is lost.

The lifter has 360-degree rotation, and the host machine’s operator controls the movement of the lifter from within the cab, both of which eliminate the need for workers near the roadway to guide and place the barriers.

The HL B1 can lift concrete barriers up to 6,000 pounds and 12 feet long. The HL B2 can lift barriers weighing up to 16,000 pounds and measuring 30 feet long.

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