Upgraded digital video pipeline inspection system

Staff | September 28, 2010

The Pearpoint flexiprobe push rod video inspection system allows pipeline inspection professionals worldwide to locate and provide high quality video of pipeline fractures and blockages. Now available with the new P330+ flexiprobe control module featuring advanced digital video functionality, each system includes a universal easy-fit brush skid set that allows customers to quickly customize their system for use in a range of pipe diameters.

The P330+ flexiprobe control module has an 8-inch ultra-bright industrial TFT screen and records in full VGA digital video onto Compact Flash cards of up to 8GB capacity, allowing up to seven hours of video to be recorded on each card. Video footage can be conveniently transferred via USB cable to PC or laptop for editing using the included FlexiSight™ software.

The compact and rugged P330+ flexiprobe control module utilizes an advanced digital platform that allows users to zoom, pan and rotate images during recording or playback to get a better view of problems in the pipe. Users can take still pictures of problems that require repair and send them instantly via Bluetooth® wireless technology to compatible mobile phones, and then on to clients to speed decision making.

All key functions are accessed using a new durable keypad, which is operable even when using gloves and the module also enables customers to produce comprehensive reports on-site that include their company logo, client details, annotated still pictures and observations.

Each system now also comes complete with a new universal easy-fit brush skid set that allows one-inch cameras to be centered in pipes from one-inch up to 4-inch diameter and two-inch cameras to be centered in pipes from two inches up to 6-inch diameter. Brushes can be conveniently replaced in seconds.

All systems are shipped with a choice of push rods from 120 feet to 500 feet in length, and stainless steel color cameras of 1- or 2-inch diameter that are fully sealed against water ingress and feature bright, maintenance-free LED lighting.