Unique New Graphics for Roman Electric Service Trucks

Staff | September 28, 2010

Milwaukee electrical contractor Roman Electric Co., Inc. is redesigning the graphics on its large fleet of service trucks to include huge, individual photos of working electricians. Roman has redone three trucks and is working on 10 more to be completed in a couple of months.

The first three completed include two service trucks with a photo of the electrician who drives the truck. The third is a smaller truck imprinted with a huge photo of founder Roman Rose with two of his electricians sitting on the running board of his first new service truck, a 1932 Ford Panel Truck.

Why did Roman Electric choose the dominant new art? Roman president Phil Rose, grandson of the founder, said "We want to update our image and promote our people. One thing we can say that sets us apart from other contractors is our quality work force. We have professionals who really care about their work and take pride in their jobs, and we want people to know who they are. So we decided to put our most important asset on our trucks, our people."

"We put the retro design on just one smaller truck," Rose said. "We didn't think it was the better of the two designs for promotional purposes, but it offered kind of an emotional, personal look, and was the sentimental favorite."

Roman Electric has been family-owned and -operated since 1929. It is run today by Roman's son, Gerv, and two grandsons, Phil & Gabe. It has over 55 service trucks and is one of the largest electrical contractors in southeastern Wisconsin. Roman Electric serves industrial, commercial, residential, and institutional customers in the new construction, remodeling, design/build, and service markets.