Vermeer XR2 Vacuum Excavator

Oct. 14, 2019

Vermeer XR2 vacuum excavator has a shaker deck to separate liquids and solids, allowing the user to discharge the solid material and pump slurry water into holding tanks for disposal. 

The XR2 can store up to 1,500 gallons of freshwater and deliver up to 3,000 psi of adjustable output. The 6-inch-diameter hose produces 3,400 cfm of suction, and the 21-foot boom swings 260 degrees. The hose has a reverse flow feature to dislodge large chunks of material.

A power takeoff (PTO) feature automatically transitions power from the vacuum system to the truck drive system and back. Crews no longer need to manually disengage and re-engage the system every time the vacuum excavator is moved.

The shaker deck has auto-leveling capabilities up to a 10-percent grade. The deceleration tank includes six cyclones to aid with the separation process. The onboard, foldable 14-foot solid material conveyor is controlled via remote control, has a 180-degree rotating radius, and a discharge height of 80 inches for truck loading.

The XR2 vacuum excavator has four 500-gallon storage tanks. Processed liquids are first pumped into the reserved empty tank and then automatically switched to another tank as the freshwater supply is depleted and the reserve tanks fill up. The tanks have sloped bottoms, to facilitate slurry being pumped out before freshwater is replenished.

The unit is built on the back of a Kenworth T880 truck with an Allison automatic transmission and Chelsea PTO. It has a curb weight of 39,000 pounds, a freshwater transport weight of approximately 51,000 pounds at recommended capacity, and a return weight of an estimated 53,000 pounds when at the recommended full capacity of 10.5 ppg of slurry. With the conveyor in transport position, the truck measures 36 feet long and 102 inches wide.