McLaughlin ECO75/VX75 Vacuum Excavators

Oct. 12, 2017

Mid-range compact vacuum excavators, the ECO75 (truck-mounted) and VX75 (trailer-mounted), are designed for fuel-efficiency and feature an optional 5-inch boom designed for higher production and reduced clogging. A 74-horsepower Deutz Tier 4-F diesel engine powers a 1,200-cfm vacuum blower, and an 8-gpm water pump is capable of 3,000-psi operating pressures. The units are designed for production potholing, setting power poles, and fluid management in directional-drilling operations. Spoil-tanks are available in 500-, 800-, or 1,200-gallon capacities.

The ECO75-800 can be mounted on a single-axle, 16-foot-bed truck with a GVW rating of 33,000 pounds, and the ECO75-500 can be fitted on a single-axle, 26,000-GVW truck, which requires no commercial license for the driver. The truck-mounted option also gives contractors the flexibility to tow additional equipment to job sites. For contractors preferring a trailer-mounted unit, the VX75 features a twin axle and heavy-duty I-beam construction, and the unit can be pulled by a 1-ton truck.

Standard features include a three-stage, cyclonic-filtration system that allows both wet and dry vacuum excavation, as well as the McLaughlin-patented cam-over hydraulic rear door that provides a 360-degree positive seal without additional clamping. A sewer jetter and air compressor are options. The ECO75 and VX75 are available through the Vermeer dealer network.