Vermeer RTX1250 Tractor Updates

June 28, 2024
Versatile unit features multiple updates, tech.

The Vermeer RTX1250 ride-on tractor has been updated with several improvements for increased efficiency and performance.

These enhancements include updates to the tracks, axles, plow valve and retention pins, cab roof and headliner, as well as the auto stabilizer feature for the rockwheel attachment.

The RTX1250 is powered by a 127-horsepower Deutz TCD 3.6L diesel engine and can be outfitted with a range of attachments for efficient installation of gas, fiber, water, and electrical utilities.

How do we trench safely?

The unit is designed to operate as a trencher, rockwheel, or vibratory plow with interchangeable attachments. These can be switched out in as little as an hour, offering options such as a backhoe, backfill blade, or reel carrier attachment for the front of the machine and a vibratory plow, rockwheel, sliding offset rockwheel, sliding offset trencher, or a trencher for the back end.

The tractor is equipped with proprietary onboard technology, including a TrenchSense electronic control system and the EcoIdle engine control system. These systems actively monitor the engine’s operations to promote smooth trenching, prevent stalls, and optimize fuel efficiency, the company says.