Ditch Witch MT9 Micro-trencher

Oct. 20, 2017

The new MT9 micro-trencher attachment from Ditch Witch, is designed, says the company, “to improve productivity and to reduce the cost-per-foot on small fiber job sites.”

Developed for use in tandem with the Ditch Witch line of mini skid steers, the micro-trencher system is aimed at working in tight and confined residential areas. To reduce ground disruption, the MT9 creates shallow trenches, to depths of 9 inches and widths of 0.375 to 1.5 inches. A patented blade-plunge feature provides infinitely variable depth control while the machine is in operation. The micro-trencher works with the Ditch Witch FX65 vacuum excavator to further create a clean trench, in one pass, by effectively removing spoil. Designed specifically for street crossings, the micro-trencher has the capacity to work in either push- or pull-applications, while keeping the saw in the ground for cuts. The MT9 works with the Ditch Witch PDC Fiberblade that contains diamond-embedded carbide and can last up to 20 times longer than standard blades.