Husqvarna LP 9505 Trench Compactor

June 10, 2019

Husqvarna LP 9505 trench compactor is a 24.3-horsepower unit with an operating weight of 3,693 pounds. Drum width is 33.5 inches, and the diameter is 20.6 inches. Pad height in 1 inch. It provides 16.186 lb.-ft. of centrifugal force (high) at an amplitude of 0.04 inches.

The compactor has radio remote control, allowing the operator to choose the best position to stand. It carries 7.9 gallons of fuel, which the company says will provide 8.6 hours of run time. Service points can be accessed under the hoods, with filters and other parts marked with article numbers to ease ordering.

The remote control and a second battery can be stored securely in a lockable compartment integrated into the hood.