[VIDEO] Volvo CE Intros Excavator Pipelaying Kit

Oct. 29, 2020

Volvo CE has introduced a new attachment kit that allows 14-ton excavators to be converted into rotating pipe layers, offering a solution to users who don’t own a dedicated pipe layer, and use a conventional excavator for the work.

The rotating pipelayer kit fits conventional Volvo CE 14-ton crawler excavators—the EC140EL and ECR145E. According to the company, the pipelaying boom attaches to the main boom of the excavator, converting from excavator to pipe layer in about one hour. 

According to Volvo, the components are robust, and can safely handle pipes up to 20 inches, with a rated load of 7,300 pounds. Max working height is 24 feet and max working depth is 50 feet. 

The solution is also more maneuverable, with no need to constantly reposition the excavator’s tracks. The short-swing radius ECR145E can perform pipe laying work on busy two-lane streets while leaving one lane open for traffic. The pipelayer configuration also gives the ECR145E the same lifting capacity as the EC140EL. 

Unlike a side boom, the operator will always face the load, helping to reduce fatigue, the company says. An excavator-based pipe layer will also be more familiar to most operators, which could help with recruitment, training, and productivity. Volvo’s Load Moment Indicator also ensures safe operation up to a 10 degree slope. The system monitors load weights and sends audio and visual alerts.