Megger cable locator

June 5, 2023
Detects both live and dead cables

Megger’s cable locator (MCT105) can detect and trace both live and dead cables and metallic conductors located in walls or buried underground.

The MCT105 can also locate fuses and breakers on electrical circuits or locate breaks or short circuits in cables and electrical in underfloor heating systems. It can locate cables up to 2.5 m deep.

Built with a transmitter and receiver, the MCT105 is equipped with test leads, crocodile clips, test probes, a light for reading or measuring, and a carrying case. The receiver’s signal sensitivity can be adjusted automatically or manually.

The cable locator’s transmitter has a voltage range of 12 to 400 v and a range of 0 to 60 Hz for frequency. When a dead or isolated cable or conductor is located it produces a visual and audible signal.

A non-contact voltage detector allows for safe handling.

The MCT105 has an operating temperature range of 0 C to 40 C and include low battery indicators and an auto power off feature.