Ditch Witch AT120 Directional Drill

March 8, 2023
NEW: The company's largest AT drill

The AT120 is an all-terrain Ditch Witch directional drill is the company’s largest. It replaces the Ditch Witch AT100 and American Augers DD110. 

The hydraulic directional drill (HDD) has 15,500 lb.-ft. of rotational torque and 3,000 lb.-ft. of inner rotational torque, which is 50 percent more than the AT100. It has 120,000 pounds of thrust and pullback and is powered by a 280-horsepower Cummins diesel engine. 

The Ditch Witch AT120 offers a 20-foot end-to-end drill pipe on board. New technology enhancements include a patent-pending Virtually Assisted Makeup and Breakout (VAM) solution, which ensures the drill pipe and tooling are at the correct levels observed by the torque gauge during a bore. This makes it easier for operators to automatically add or remove drill pipe during a bore, according to the company. 

A saver lock design protects the drill pipe and drive system against wear and tear. With an updated engine compartment and access panel design, operators have increased access to critical components that frequently need to be maintained. 

The all-terrain HDD has a multimode joystick that allows operators to set up their joystick controls to their style of drilling.