Joe Dempsey, Jr.

April 20, 2022
Aquality Construction
Class: 2022 Age: 32 Company: Aquality Construction Website:

Joe is responsible for forecasting future work for his family-owned company. He puts much effort into maintaining the reputation his father built, according to nominator Erin Coggburn. “He has spent tens of thousands of dollars to put his workers through continuing education to ensure that the company keeps up with and exceeds industry standards,” she says. “The amount of detail he puts into every single job is the reason we have so many satisfied customers.”

Education: Bachelor’s degree, Colorado State University.

Professional accomplishments: Becoming a member of the International Watershape Institute, which is among the highest achievements in the swimming pool industry. Starting a maintenance and service-based company that focuses on the long-term care of the projects the company completes.

Off the clock: Snowmobiling and off-roading in RZRs.

Extracurricular: Aiding those affected by the Marshall Fires, housing someone who lost their home, and coordinating donations.

Favorite vacation: Off-roading in Moab.