Elliot Baum

April 20, 2022
Turn-Key Tunneling
Class: 2022 Age: 33 Company: Turn-Key Tunneling Website: https://turn-keytunneling.com/

Elliot joined Turn-Key as an estimator with no background in construction. He now manages projects in the field. He excels at understanding how his position affects others throughout the company. His hands-on approach to problem solving helps everyone to understand how the solution fits into the workflow, according to Chris Leonard, senior project manager.

Education: Bachelor’s degree, Gonzaga University.

Professional accomplishments: Implemented HeavyBid & Sage, which provides accurate numbers from estimating to accounting and removes hours of double work from each project. Implemented a warehousing and shipping system that allowed operations to keep pace with sales for a 300 percent increase in revenue over a two-year period.

Off the clock: Powerlifter.

Extracurricular: Volunteer with Make It Fit Foundation.

Favorite activity: Finding and sharing great locally owned restaurants.

Fun fact: Elliot’s lifting accomplishments include squatting 1,025 pounds, bench pressing 810 pounds, and deadlifting 725 pounds.