Jordan Davis

April 20, 2021
Class: 2021 Age: 37 Company: Komatsu Website:

Jordan coordinates Komatsu’s 600-acre customer center facility, which has more than 6,000 visitors annually. “Her drive to make sure every visitor has a safe and enjoyable visit while seamlessly enforcing our compliance policies truly make her stand out,” says Bill Chimley. “Her awareness and ability to connect to greater community is incredible.”

Education: Bachelor’s degree, University of Georgia, Athens.

Accomplishments: Led the digital pivot for Center events during the pandemic, continuing to reach more than 6,000 stakeholders. We went from a record-high volume of in-person training in 2019 to training even more dealer and customer attendees virtually in 2020.

Favorite song: “Holy Water,” by We The Kingdom.

Extracurricular: The pandemic hit the local community hard. Our team reallocated a portion of funds that would typically be used for on-site event catering to feed every first responder and Cartersville Medical Center staff member. We also donated to a local food pantry that partnered with local restaurants to feed the need in Cartersville.