Bill Orcutt, CEM

April 19, 2021
Sherwood Construction
Class: 2021 Age: 35 Company: Sherwood Construction Website:

Bill interned while enrolled in a diesel tech program and has moved steadily up the department ladder. He trains, equips, and spends time with each person to ensure that they have the ability to complete the tasks and challenges they will face. He is a member of AEMP and serves on its education committee. “Bill is smart, sees the big picture, and works for the good of the company,” says Doug King Jr., CEM, corporate equipment manager. “He rides for the brand.”

Education: AEMP Certified Equipment Manager.

Accomplishments: The implementation of an aggressive oil-management program to ensure cleanliness.

Off the clock: Working on the family farm.

Extracurricular: Active in church and serves on the technical advisory board of Northwest Technical College for the Diesel Department.

Favorite activity: Taking the family fishing.

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