Travis Banks

April 29, 2020
Gravel Road Builders & Construction Services
Class: 2020 Age: 37 Company: Gravel Road Builders & Construction Services Website:

Travis founded Gravel Road Builders, and has worked in construction for 30 of his nearly 40 years. He was mentored by his father on residential and commercial projects.

“Travis has worked to train and motivate dozens of upcoming builders and contractors,” says Gaynell Brady, an educator at Our Mammy’s in New Orleans.

Education: Master’s degree, Louisiana State University.

Accomplishments: Designed a splash pad for the community, which is still in shambles after Katrina. Won a contract and delivered a project at the Audubon zoo.

Fun fact: Hand carved and crafted a replica of the 1800s cabin that my great-grandmother lived in, complete with furniture. It ended up bringing a lot of attention to my company and me.

Off the clock: Studying martial arts.

Extracurricular: Feeding the homeless, career day at my high school.