Raven Patterson

April 29, 2020
BF Joy
Class: 2020 Age: 28 Company: BF Joy Website: https://www.bfjoy.com

Raven’s involvement in fleet management ranges from managing equipment costs and utilization to internal reporting.

“Raven went above and beyond her typical duties to help organize how the company reports internal utilization of equipment, decreasing friction between field supervisors and the office and increasing the accuracy of utilization reporting,” says Les Hill, CEM, fleet and facilities manager. “Her leadership helped the fleet make adjustments to better serve the crews in the field, increasing production for the company and improving equipment utilization because production teams have the right tools for the job.”

Accomplishments: Raven developed a tracking system for rental equipment utilization and cost, eliminating unnecessary costs but increasing company-owned equipment use. This helped reduce our rental spending by 15 to 18 percent, saving upward of $120,000..

Fun fact: Raven plays in an adult kickball league.

Off the clock: Cooking, learning a new recipe and tweaking it to create somthing you’re proud to serve family and friends.

Extracurricular: Wounded Warriors, and I referee and coach at the local recreation center.