Brent Wurdeman

April 29, 2020
RCS Construction
Class: 2020 Age: 29 Company: RCS Construction Website:

Brent manages and performs maintenance on the 150-plus pieces of equipment in the RCS fleet, with a replacement value of $5 million.

“At the age of 25, Brent replaced our shop manager who had been with us for over 26 years,” says RC Scull, president. “Every superintendent respects him and believes in his abilities to not only fix our equipment, but to manage four other guys in the shop.”

Education: Associate’s degree, Western Dakota Tech.

Accomplishments: Took over the shop after four years with the company, and has been running it for almost 5 years.

Off the clock: Old cars, hiking, and target shooting.

Extracurricular: Volunteer at our church.