Katy Godwin Lovering

April 19, 2019
Sunbelt Rentals
Class: 2019 Age: 36 Company: Sunbelt Rentals Website: http://www.sunbeltrentals.com

Katy is responsible for designing and implementing programs around customer and employee experience, from digital solutions to new-hire onboarding to strategy development for OEM telematics.

“Katy has been able to apply a skill set developed outside of the construction equipment industry to lead improvements within the equipment space,” says Brad Coverdale, VP, fleet and product support. “Her diversity in leadership gives her the ability to lead financial, operational, technical, maintenance, and fleet functions.”

Education: Bachelor’s degree, Augusta University; Master’s degree, Appalachian State University.

Professional accomplishments: I led the roll-out of a program that empowers front-line employees to do what is right to take care of our customers. In the first several months, we have seen double-digit-percentage performance improvement.

Extracurricular: Junior Achievement.

Favorite vacation: Visiting my parents, away from the city, and introducing my daughter to how I grew up.

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