Logan Seaton

April 19, 2019
L.D. Seaton & Co.
Class: 2019 Age: 34 Company: L.D. Seaton & Co.

Logan and his wife, Amanda, own L.D. Seaton & Co. LLC, which specializes in excavation. He grew up learning to operate and work on equipment with his father.

“After one year of college, he decided to do what he loves, operating heavy equipment for a living,” Amanda says. “Since starting his business 15 years ago, Logan has mentored several young men who enjoy this line of work. He genuinely cares for his employees and always puts them and their safety first.”

Professional accomplishments: I started a business at the age of 19 and have been a business owner for 15 years. I have established great rapport with major contractors in the area.

Extracurricular: We are involved as a family within our community and church. We recently went on our first mission trip to Wheelwright, Kentucky.

Favorite vacation: Disney World.