Fred Beachner

April 19, 2018
Topcon Positioning Systems
Class: 2018 Age: 34 Company: Topcon Positioning Systems

Beachner grew up in the family construction business, where he first checked a grade at age 10. He is a skilled equipment operator. His experience in construction, along with his acumen in the technical aspects of product development, is advancing machine control in the industry.

“Fred is a valuable, and uniquely qualified, member of our construction product-management team and he is making a difference in technology that will impact operators and job site productivity globally,” says Murray Lodge, senior VP and general manager, construction business unit.

Training: Trained to run heavy machinery, check grade, and configure bids by my Dad through years of side-by-side work.

Professional accomplishments: My greatest professional accomplishment is being a part of the Product Management group at Topcon Positioning Systems, which has included the development of the Topcon 3D-MCMAX and the latest excavator machine control systems.

Off the clock: I have always enjoyed motorcycles and ATVs. Riding around on two wheels, or hitting the trails, has a unique way of getting the adrenaline going, and bringing serenity.

Extracurricular: From 2009 thru 2010, I spent a great deal of time working with the missionaries of A Simple House. I will always admire their positive outlook, hardworking demeanors, and selfless dedication.