Vincent Neiswonger

April 21, 2017
Neiswonger Construction
Class: 2017 Age: 32 Company: Neiswonger Construction

Neiswonger Construction does demolition and site work, and also operates multiple quarries and surface coal-mining operations. Neiswonger grew the company from an eight-man staff to more than 75 employees by the age of 30.

Education: Clarion University of Pennsylvania; MSHA/OSHA certified.

Professional accomplishments: Successfully bidding, completing, and profiting on his first $1.5 million site-work job at the age of 20. At 22, he had the financial stability to purchase a new Cat D11T, Dl0T, and D9T for the surface coal mining operation.

Extracurricular: Regularly donate to local churches and government municipalities, including numerous limestone donations. Provide services to elderly neighbors at no cost.

Off the clock: One of my favorite vacations has been exploring Italy, Ireland, and Europe and being introduced to their people and cultures. This particular vacation opened my eyes as to how unique life can be throughout different areas of the world.