Elliott Stanton, CEM

April 21, 2017
Strike LLC
Class: 2017 Age: 29 Company: Strike LLC

Stanton was named fleet coordinator in January, having served as shop foreman for two years. He recently managed equipment on the largest job in the company’s history, overseeing cost tracking, logistics, and rental for a fleet with an estimated value of $350 million. He led his fleet to the 2017 Fleet Masters Award in the large-fleet category.

“His approach to problem-solving and customer service is a treat that everyone should have the opportunity to watch,” says Richard Pepperdine, sales manager for Prestige Worldwide Resources.

Credentials: Certified Equipment Manager, Equipment Manager Specialist.

Professional accomplishments: The Strike team was named the 2017 Fleet Master in the large-fleet category.

Off the clock: Family trips around Texas with my wife, Ellen, and my two boys: Russell, 3,  and Kenneth, 2.

Favorite place to visit: A state park with my family and picnic lunch.

Extracurricular: I am a Disaster Action Team volunteer with the American Red Cross.