Colin Keane

April 25, 2016
McCourt & Sons Equipment
Class: 2016 Age: 38 Company: McCourt & Sons Equipment

Keane promotes and encourages individual leadership throughout the sales team and oversees marketing for the company. He manages the 165 portable units of equipment in the rental fleet and also works with the 10 territory managers to provide equipment solutions in target markets.

Education: B.S., Queen’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Professional accomplishments: Hired as the ninth employee in 2004, was named sales manager in 2013. Also Associate Division Chairman of the AGC of Texas.

Off the clock: Playing golf and attending PGA Tour events, attending the Formula 1 United States Grand Prix.

Favorite vacation: Maui and Lanai, Hawaii. “This was the perfect island getaway for a very enjoyable and activity packed honeymoon. Beach, shark diving, snorkeling, hiking, catamaran sailing, whale sightseeing, golf and an abundance of amazing local fresh food.”

Extracurricular: AGCTX Scholarship Task Force Committee, NSSGA Young Leaders Community Service Project to perform maintenance and repair of a section of The Barton Creek Greenbelt Trail in Austin, Texas.