Matthew Hoelscher

Oct. 21, 2015
Sonsray Machinery
Class: 2015 Age: 39 Company: Sonsray Machinery

Matthew is sole owner and president of Sonsray Machinery, a Case dealership with 21 stores in California, Oregon, Washington and Nevada.

“Matthew has the drive, vision and leadership skills to continue to grow this operation, says Patrick Fisher, vice president.

Education: B.S. mechanical engineering, Long Beach State University

Professional accomplishments: The growth of my company, from 30 employees to over 320 employees. We grew from two locations in Southern California to 21 locations in four states. I started a rental company four years ago that is grossing over $7 million in revenue.

Off the clock: Although my passion is surfing, I also enjoy spending time with my four children and wife. My family life is continually evolving with whatever is present in their lives. My favorite book is “Atlas Shrugged.” I share similar views of hard work and independency as it depicts in the book.

Extracurricular: I helped a local elementary school build a new library.

Fun fact: I Graduated from an international high school. I speak French and English fluently.