Greg Smith

Oct. 21, 2015
J.F. Brennan Co.
Class: 2015 Age: 36 Company: J.F. Brennan Co.

Greg, director-environmental group for J.F. Brennan Co., is currently responsible for supporting Brennan’s environmental projects, including the Fox River Cleanup project in Green Bay, Wis. Matt Binsfeld, Brennan’s chief operating officer, says Smith’s leadership qualities include the ability to mentor new employees.

“Greg has been adept at identifying skills gaps and putting plans in place for individuals to achieve more,” Binsfeld says. “Greg is a servant-leader in that he understands how people are motivated and sets the cultural table, so that individuals are put in the best possible position to succeed. His greatest tribute is that he is a builder of teams and people.”

Education: B.S. Construction Management, University of Northern Iowa-Cedar Falls

Professional accomplishments: The opportunity to assist our team in strategizing, bidding and winning the largest environmental remediation project ever undertaken on a U.S. river system. This project entails the cleanup of several million cubic yards of PCB-contaminated sediment and over 1,000 acres of subaqueous capping. I helped assemble and am leading our team to maintain a safe and productive project.

The professional accomplishment that I am most proud of is the Deb Buhr Annual Memorial Award, which honors the Brennan employee that best exemplifies the ideals of dedication to excellence, selfless commitment to duty, cost consciousness, and cooperation with others in the accomplishment of Brennan goals. I was nominated by co-workers, and it is the highest level of award you can receive at J.F. Brennan.

Off the clock: One of my favorite free-time activities is boating on the Great Lakes. It provides a sense of limitless opportunities similar to boating on the ocean.

Extracurricular: I enjoy involving and teaching the next generation in both woodworking and hunting. Last year, I helped mentor five kids on their first goose hunt, and three of them were able to harvest their first goose. During the holiday season last year, the workshop was filled with kids making numerous projects.

Fun fact: My father’s teachings are the foundation for my career. He was left handed and always carried a small tape measure in his pocket. I carry a small tape measure in my left pants pocket in memory of him.

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